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How can I tell if my air conditioning system needs refrigerant?

Most air conditioning systems lose a little refrigerant over time. Newer systems are likely to leak less than older ones, which may lose several ounces of refrigerant each year. It is therefore not unusual for the system to need re-charging.

Are there different types of refrigerant?

Yes, Isceon 49 or RS-24 (r12 was used up to October 2000 but its use is now banned) is used for vehicles up to 1993, later vehicle use R134. Refrigerants must never be mixed or cross-contaminated.

Why is oil added to the system when the refrigerant has escaped?

When refrigerant escapes from the system oil is also lost, if this is not replaced the compressor will seize.

My car A/C is filled with the old type R12 Refrigerant can this be changed to use the new R134a Refrigerant?

There are a number of ways of converting a system to accept the new type refrigerant, without going to the expense of replacing major components, contact us for details.

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